Our History
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Our History

Ballet Rosa strives to inspire ballet dancers from all over the world with products engineered for a high level of comfort, mobility, and performance...

..designed to match the sophistication, poetry, and passion of ballet. Ballet Rosa has become known in the dance world for their harmonious mastery of technical materials, combined with beautiful design.

Our mission is to dazzle dancers with the excellence of our craftsmanship and by the artistry of our design.

Ballet Rosa was created in 2010 by Luis Guimaraes and Adão Coelho, although the origins of the company date back much earlier. Luis Guimarães has been designing and manufacturing dancewear since 1998 after he decided to take up dance classes. There, he developed an immediate admiration and appreciation for the art form that has stuck with him ever since. Combining his lifelong experience with textiles, industrial design, and manufacturing with his newfound love for dance, he set out to work with dancers to create a new and exciting line of products for ballet. Ballet Rosa's Essentiels, received enormous praise by dancers and dance retailers alike. The Essentiels Collection allowed dancers and dance teachers to create exactly what they wanted, offering a choice of six different materials, more than 125 different colors, and many other customizations that made that every single style unique. Through this experience, Ballet Rosa learned exactly what dancers wanted, so it was time to bring the brand to a new level.

In Paris, a city known for its sense of fashion, design, and taste, Luis meets Isabelle Ciaravola, a world-renowned Étoile dancer from the Paris Opera Ballet. Isabelle’s experience as a dancer with one of the most well-respected ballet companies in the world is merged with Ballet Rosa’s expertise and the Créateur Collection is born. The result is an exquisite selection of designs and seductive shapes never before seen in the ballet world.

Most recently, Ballet Rosa has expanded its line to include accessories, bags, and a brand new Bamboo Collection of apparel dedicated to dance teachers, made of an exclusive and sustainable bamboo material.

Ballet Rosa’s Essentiels, Createur, and Bamboo collections are manufactured exclusively in Europe and are now carried in fine dancewear stores in over 42 different countries, dazzling dancers around the world. Ballet Rosa’s unique understanding of the dancewear market made clear that its collections would be sold exclusively at specialised dance stores, distributed by hard-working and dedicated professionals that, like all those that work at Ballet Rosa, decided to give all their energy and passion to dance. 

For our 2017 catalog, our photo shoots took place from New York, to Paris, Lisbon and Minsk, showcasing Ballet Rosa’s insatiable quest to become the epitome of sophistication for ballet dancers who desire garments and accessories as beautiful as the art form to which they’ve dedicated their lives.

Our 2018 Spring Edition Catalog and Fall edition Catalog were shot in Chicago with the incredible help of The Joffrey dance company. The iconical studios of The Joffrey in Chicago were the perfect background for our dancers, all of them professional dancers. We are so grateful to each and every one of them, they make us proud!

The 2019 Collection benefitted from the beauty and charisma of The Joffrey dancers as well as the BalletMet, bringing to life the result of our travels across 17 countires, of long walks across art museums and from interacting with dancers all over the world.